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Sis is adopted

Sponsored by Roz B., in honour of her son Jonathan’s birthday


Sisi is currently in rehab as she settles and adjusts to her new surroundings. Sisi has the most heartbreaking disposition, She’s nervous and painfully shy. She’s a tiny girl with big soft eyes. She needs some time to unwind and learn to trust and relax.

Sisi is a 2-3yr old chocolate lab mix. She is absolutely stunning with those big golden eyes and dark, mahogany fur. She weighs 35-40lbs. For such a young dog, it looks like she has had a number of litters in her lifetime. She was an owner surrender, along with several other labs. It is Sisi’s time to start a new life full of love and care and making her feel as special as she is.

Sisi has been with us for a few weeks now. In that time we have seen her learn to trust us. She will transition from room to room now without much difficulty. She has learned to seek comfort from us but we are seeing a shift now to her needing to be with us all the time. She will only go outside if we go with her. We put her on the leash and go out in the dog run with her until she does her business. That is getting better but she is still not housetrained.
She loves being around other dogs as well. However, we find that if there are dogs around she will rely on them for comfort and does not want to come to us when she is nervous. So, we have given her social time with the dogs every day but for the most part, we keep her away from them so that she needs to keep working on trusting humans. Even though she would love to go to a home with another dog, I am not sure that would be the best situation for her anymore. I feel it would benefit her more if she went to a home with no other dogs but humans that would be her companions and give her the stimulation and love that she craves. She loves children and would be happy to be in a home with them. She will need training though as she is starting to jump up now when greeting people.

Sisi has severe separation anxiety. She is destructive when left alone. She will need a home that is willing to work on this with her and be patience and calm. Any harsh training or misplaced anger will set her right back again. It has taken the two years of her life to get to be this scared. It could take that long again to get her to an emotionally stable place.


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