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Simon has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of my wonderful rescue Theo



Simon! He is a neutered male border collie/lab mix. There is possibly some great dane in there as his legs are very long and he loves to stretch them out. He weighs 65-70lbs. He is a very handsome boy.

Simon is a very nice dog. He is very friendly and social. He is thrilled to be in our foster home with lots of attention and another big dog that likes some rowdy play. He has been around the smaller dogs as well and is respecting the fact that they don’t want to play. He has been around our cats as well but does not really take a lot interest in them.

Simon has been pretty good in the house as we get to know him and his personality. He has still had an accident or two in the house but I think it is more still marking his territory as he is newly neutered. He will go outside to pee and poop when with the other dogs. He has liked to have many toys to play with and he has been good about sharing them for the most part. We did find one special toy that he prefers to keep to himself but he simply lets the other dogs know he won’t share. He has not been aggressive, just vocal. We have put our hands in his food bowl to feed him and I have taken a bone right from his mouth with absolutely no issues.

Simon seems to know his commands but, like a border collie, he does not always want to listen when you give him commands. We have found that he needs an owner who understands this and will make sure he follows the commands when given so he understands who is in charge. He knows sit, lay and shake. I am not sure if he knows the command “off” or if he just is very insistent on getting up on the couch to snuggle with us. He is the best cuddler!

Simon has a fair amount of energy since he is still young. He loves chase tennis balls in the yard and looks forward to several walks per day. He is very good on a leash. He likes to be outside in the fenced yard and is enjoying the snow but he does not want to be out there alone. He will play for a bit with the other dogs then he wants to come in and be with his people again for a rest. He is not much of a barker so far, either outside or when people come to the door.

He has been sleeping in his crate at night for at least 8hrs which is just wonderful. He needs a bit of coaxing to go into the crate at bedtime but mostly he really enjoys being in there and he knows he will get a biscuit if he goes into his crate so that has made it much more enticing. We have have crated him while we are out of the house as well to keep him safe as we don’t know if he would get into mischief or not.

A home with people that enjoy getting out and being active with Simon would be wonderful. He would also love it if you were not gone from the home for long periods of time. He promises to be quiet as a mouse and lay by your feet if you work from home! Can you give Simon all the love and attention and training that he needs? Your time and commitment will be very rewarding with this wonderful guy.