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Simba has been adopted!

Simba is sponsored in memory of Alison Gardiner. She was a caring person who loves dogs and rescued many. She was the first person to put up her hand to help dogs and people even though she was busy. We will never forget you Alison and we celebrate your life. You will be missed.
Christa and Gordy (she rescued him)



Simba is a serious character. He’s quiet and loves to observe and be part of what you’re doing. If you offer a head scratch of a little snuggle, Simba will lean in close and take all you have to give. Simba is from the First Nation reservation in Attawapiskat, Ontario. He and his sister Nala arrived in our care mid September, with demodectic mange. Demodex mange is not uncommon in puppies that come from less than ideal situations (living outside, poor nutrition, possibly an unwell mother) which causes a poor immune system in the young pups. It’s treated fairly simply, and is not contagious to other dogs. Simba has had his first negative scrape and has now received his first set of shots. He will be due for his boosters mid December, as well as another skin scrape. Should Simba be adopted before then, his adoption will include conditions for having this second scrape done at that time which would be covered by the rescue. Simba enjoys wandering the backyard, he loves chew bones and squeaky toys. He’s typically gentle with his things and not destructive. He does like to collect shoes if they’re left loose, but simply carries them to his bed to nap with. He is house trained, but is crated when left alone due to his age. He doesn’t mind his crate at all and even goes there to quietly wait at meal time. He did have some food aggression with other dogs when he arrived, not uncommon for dogs left to fend for themselves outdoors. However, he has overcome this for the most part. Simba is a rough player with his foster sister, who is also part husky, and as gentle as he can be with his smaller foster brothers. His play is all in good nature, but if he is paired with another dog, they can expect he will want to play and jump around with them. He does really well with the other foster dogs in the home, and even likes the foster cat.. though he’s SUPER curious and will bark and paw at him to try to play. So a dog savvy cat would be required. Simba has not been around children, but I expect he would do well with older kids who are respectful.

Unfortunately because he has not been able to get his full vaccines, his social time with new dogs has been minimal, so he does best with calm, slow, positive introductions. Simba does well on leash and sleeps through car rides. True to his husky roots, he likes to talk when he has something to say and will carry on a chat if you talk back. The only downfall that Simba has, is he does have submissive urination. This means, when he’s very excited or scared he will urinate. This has become less and less, but it does still happen. So an adopter will need to be aware and have patience with him in this area. It used to be that just seeing us first thing in the morning was enough to set this off, but now it only happens when new people make a huge deal out of greeting him or if he is overwhelmed by a new dog. I expect as he continues to learn and socialize this will stop. Simba will make a wonderful companion, great trail walker and wonderful family member. He’s a good looking guy who will fit into most situations. He will benefit from regular activity, socializing once he’s vaccines are complete and some basic training.

Simba was lovingly fostered by Colleen