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Sheldon has been adopted!

Sponsored in Memory of Marguerite MacKay by the Brodsky Family.


Sheldon is a gem and he snuggled right into my household, my  heart and made himself at home very quickly.  It seems that he has that kind of personality.
His tail never stops wagging, he is a very happy boy and I just don’t understand why  anybody can give up  that little face just because he is old.
He is a talker but not excessive, he gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, he is house trained, loves treat.  He can not see or hear very well but he manage really well in his foster house.
I hope there are earth angels “out there’ looking for a companion like Sheldon so he starts his ‘new life’ at 10 years old.  His idea family would be someone that is home  most of the time, quiet , and with no young children.
Sheldon was lovingly fostered by Uyen