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Sheena is adopted!

Sheena/ Female/ Border Collie mix/ 5 years old/ 35 pounds/ Adoption Fee is $400.00

Sheena is a Border Collie cross without the border collie energy! She is approx. 35lbs and a dainty little girl. She is a little nervous and has her protective bubble! though she will let you in, just on her terms. She would do best as “Queen Bee” without other dogs and children, she tolerates both but would rather not have a home with all that hustle and bustle. She will thrive in a calm and quiet atmosphere. Sounds ideal doesn’t she! Well, she is that sweet; takes tiny steps and crosses her legs all the time. She is house trained, eats well and has basic obedience training; sit, stay come and we are working on more. She loves her treats and will do anything for them. She prefers to sleep in her room, in her bed where she feels safest. Perfectly leashed train but is afraid of loud noises or excitable dogs and will growl. She needs to feel secure or she will become defensive. She will act submissive with people but not so with strange dogs. She likes to go on walks and explore and is generally a happy girl. She is the perfect companion for someone looking for an independent girl and an easy keeper. Once she learns to trust you, she will be your best friend for the rest her life.

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