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Sheamus has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Father’s Day for Bob Traves, Jeff Traves, Sid Traves, Alfie Stein, Bruce Jaeger, Ira Traves


Look into those green eyes and be prepared to fall in love!

Please meet beautiful green eyed Sheamus who is a 7 week old lab/husky male puppy who currently weighs 11 lbs.  He is a Northern breed and will most likely weigh in at approximately 55-60lbs when full grown.

Sheamus is the epitome of CHILL, he loves nothing more than to lay on his back and relax and cuddle with his person.

Shamus is not leashed trained, he will come on walks with his siblings and will follow the pack but he cries the whole time (complaining), though his tail wags like a helicopter as he is cry walking.  He certainly lets his foster mom know that he would rather be carried!

Sheamus loves to play with his 3 sisters, he is not submissive nor is he alpha, just the perfect medium.
He is very good about doing his business as soon as he is taken outside, if he really has to go and he is not outside, he typically will go on the pee pad, but he is a puppy and sometimes; especially if his sisters are playing with him, he will forget.

Sheamus and his sisters sleep through the night (or have been thus far).  They are still only babies so sometimes their little teeth can unintentionally bite down when they are playing, therefore a home with children a little older would be best. He is a good natured little boy who likes to play, eat and sleep.
Sheamus is currently located in Campbellville, Ontario.  Sheamus has his first set of puppy shots and has been dewormed twice, he will need to be dewormed one more time after he is adopted and more puppy shots.

Sheamus was lovingly fostered by Odette & Susan