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Save Me Remembers Shayna

Sponsored by the Nesbitt family in loving memory of our Zia Camilla and Lady, her beautiful Irish Setter.



Shayna is a sweet girl who has gone thru some pretty intense surgery and came out happier than ever. She is a quiet girl who only barks when she needs to go outside. Shayna’s favourite activity is eating!!
She sits quietly while you get her meals ready and eats well with her other foster brothers and sisters. Shayna currently lives with other dogs a lot smaller than she is and does very well with them. Shayna likes car rides and going for walks. Shayna sleeps on her bed on the floor beside her humans bed. She insists on being in the same room as her humans whenever she can. She is not caged or penned when her foster parents go out and she does very well. She is not destructive in any way. Shayna is a very low Maintenance dog and will sit and shake paws for her treats. Do you think you could provide a quiet home for this senior girl?

Shayna joined Save Me after one of the Quebec advocacy groups we work with, reached out about a senior in dire medical need at risk in a shelter. Shayna arrived 24 hours later, was at the vet the next day, and in surgery the following day. Shayna had a mass hanging from her abdomen that weighed over 3.5 lbs which was over 15% of her body weight. Immediately after her surgery (she was spayed as well ) she was like a brand new girl and had a new lease on life. Unfortunately when we received her histopathology report the news was not what we had hoped for. Shayna’s growth was a spindle cell sarcoma and these tumours more often tend to be locally invasive but given the size and higher grade of Shayna’s mass there is a chance of metastasis. Her margins were clear. We have done a further work up on Shayna, including chest x-rays (which were clear) and a core biopsy on another growth which was thankfully a benign lipoma. There is nothing, at this time, to indicate that Shayna has any remaining cancer and it is possible that the surgery was curative. As with so many things in life there are no guarantees. We hope that Shayna’s health problems are behind her and that she will live out the rest of her life just receiving and bestowing love. Her new family will need to keep an eye on the surgical site and be attuned to any changes in her health. All of the reports are available to a potential adopter. Shayna is in good health and although her teeth are not as sparkling clean as they could be, it was decided, after a discussion with her veterinarian to not put her through another anaesthetic and surgery so soon.