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Shaggy has been adopted!

We have taken Shaggy into our care in memory of Meg Edelman who was a fierce champion for the underdog.



HI! I’m Shaggy! Some people call me “Shaggy the Superdog” because I’m so awesome!
My foster mom says I am the sweetest, gentlest dog she has ever met (she calls me Baby Prince because she loves me so much).

I am 27lbs with the biggest, kindest brown eyes you’ll ever see! I’m a scruffy Terrier mix. My foster Mom’s best guess is a Schnauzer- Fox Terrier mix. She says I’m the handsomest!

If you’re looking for a dog who is calm and quiet inside (happy to snooze on the couch most of the day) and active and full of energy outside (I love fetch and playing in the snow) then I just might be the right dog for you!

I am told I’m a very special dog. You see, I was hit by a car before I came to Save Me. One of my back legs was hurt so badly that I only have 3 leggies now. The front leg on the same side was injured as well but I wear a brace so I can still use it (see notes below).

I can even get up and down a few steps but I need a little help on stairs with more steps. I am very patient and cooperative when receiving any type of assistance. I need help getting into the car (I love car rides!) and getting onto the bed but I can get on and off the couch all by myself! I even have a special harness with a handle so I can be picked right up! I prefer to walk on carpet, rugs or runners since wood floors and tiles can be a bit slippy for me.

I’ve been going to rehabilitation therapy and I have been doing very well! I’m making lots of improvements and my leg is getting stronger every day. You’d be surprised how fast I can run! I can do most things like a normal dog and my leg doesn’t stop me from playing a good game of fetch! My therapy will be ongoing, periodically, throughout my life to help me maintain my recovery and my brace will need to be replaced every few years or so (see notes below).

I’m a very affectionate and sweet dog. My human foster brothers love me so much (ages 8 and 10)! We love to cuddle up in bed at night and I am very tolerant of their loving advances. They give me all the kisses, pets and rubbies I could ever want! We love to play together in the backyard and chase each other around. I am way faster than them!

I am a very friendly dog and I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body. I don’t have any food aggression and I love to be groomed!

I love going on short walks (20 mins or so) a couple times a day. I just love being outside! I am tuckered out after my walks and will usually nap hard afterwards.

I don’t mind being left alone for a little while. I’ll probably just nap on the couch while you’re gone. But please make sure the stairs are blocked so I don’t take a tumble. My foster family has never put me in a crate but I don’t think I would mind too much for a short time.

I’m a very well-behaved doggy and I even come when I’m called! My foster mom says I don’t have any bad habits! I’m even fully house-trained. I’ve never had any accidents here at my foster home. They are so proud of me!

I’m not a very vocal dog. I don’t even bark when someone comes to the door! I might just bark at dogs who dare to walk past my house though! I just like to say hi and sometimes they say hi back!

There are no other dogs in my foster home but I have played with another dog since arriving here and I was so nice! I didn’t bark or growl and we had a great time. I’m glad he was gentle because he was a lot bigger than me!

I have a double coat that is rough on top and soft underneath and will require grooming about twice per year. I can be stripped or clipped and I really don’t mind having it done. If you brush me a couple times a week I don’t shed very much at all.

I would enjoy living in a home with a yard as I do love to spend time outside relaxing, sniffing, napping, and playing. Even in the winter I like to relax outside in the sun!

If you think I might be a good match for you then let my foster Mom know! If you have any questions about me you can ask her and she will be happy to tell you more about me. You should know, though, that she says I am “perfectly imperfect”.

Shaggy was fitted for a custom-made orthotic which he has adjusted beautifully to wearing. This has greatly enhanced his quality of life and he will always need to wear a brace. It is expected that over time he will need the brace replaced and how long a brace will last can depend on a number of factors. Minor repairs to the brace like the straps and sole would be replaced at no charge during the first few years by the company that made it. It is also possible that Shaggy’s wrist may continue to improve and straighten and that would also necessitate a new brace. It would be reasonable to expect to have to replace Shaggy’s brace approximately every 3 years.

Shaggy goes for therapy which has been integral to his success and progress. For the time being it is suggested that Shaggy go for therapy every other week and this will progressively be stretched out over time. It is the opinion of his therapist that he will always need some degree of maintenance therapy. The rescue will be providing 10 sessions upon his adoption. Ideally we would like Shaggy to continue at his present clinic for his therapy (located in Aberfoyle). There are also a few stretches and exercises that can be done at home to aide in his progress.

Shaggy was lovingly fostered by Jennifer L.