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Shadow has been adopted!  


Shadow is really an accurate name for this handsome dog.  Not because he runs and hides like a pup, but rather because he prefers to be there with you by your side. Humans are one of his favourite things and he performs a lovely song and dance when his people come home!

This poor boy was given up by his older owners at the age of 10.  They couldn’t afford to keep him any longer. While Shadow learns to deal with that loss, he suffers from a distrust of change in his life, and has some of separation anxiety when his foster family leaves the house.  The resident dog is teaching Shadow that “it’s okay, they will be back”.    With time, patience and trust, the separation anxiety could disappear, as it has been getting better daily.

Shadow is a basset hound / beagle mix and he has the best traits from both breeds all rolled together into one good looking dog. Shadow even has a few distinguished grey hairs on his snout for a regal look that will have people stopping you during your walks just to look at him.

Shadow is super mild, extra -sweet and a very gentle dog.  It is evident that he was well taken care of in his previous life and they taught him well.  He is exceptional on a leash and boy does he love walks! He doesn’t seem to be fussy with food and takes treats gently from your hand.

As an older dog, his housetraining is perfect and he keeps his barking to a minimum – usually only voicing an opinion when you go out or come home.  This dog still has a few tricks up his sleeve. If you aren’t looking, he’ll sneak a few kibbles out of the resident dogs’ bowl just for kicks!   Oh, and to show off his still youthful agility, maybe he can show you how he can climb a chain link fence just for the heck of it!

The more cat trees in a house, the better! Clever Shadow uses the trees like jungle gyms to peek out the front window of the foster home.  It didn’t take him long to learn this trick from his foster-sister!

Shadow frequents his “man cave” (crate) for daytime naps if the door is left open, but he sure doesn’t like being crated with the door closed whether it is day or night. It heightens his separation anxiety so it’s best to avoid closed door crating, unless of course you are travelling in a vehicle – he seems not to be bothered by it then.

Shadow will do best with a family where someone is home a lot for him and who is willing to continue the progress with his separation anxiety. Another low-key dog or cats in the home is fine. A fully fenced yard with a high fence and the willingness to monitor Shadow in the yard will keep him safe. Because Shadow is older than 8 years old, he qualifies for a reduced adoption fee, however any amount surpassing $300 will be gladly accepted.


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