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Scout has been adopted!

Sponsored by Brent and Vil, in celebration of beautiLaura’s one year adoptaversary.


Meet the handsome Scout. He is a very curious 1 year old puppy with the sweetest face and the most gentle personality to match! One look into his beautiful eyes and he’ll steal your heart! He is an extremely affectionate boy who just adores being cuddled up to his foster parents. Do you love giving giant bear hugs? then Scout’s your perfect boy then! He will just soak up any and all of the long big squeezes he can get.

Scout has a lot puppy energy that he loves to use up going on long hikes, and running around with his young foster dog siblings. He is a strong boy and can pull on his leash, but he has been making excellent progress in learning the focus (make eye contact) que, which is slowing him down and really helping with his walking skills. He is great with other dogs and plays really well with them, unless their is a toy involved. He has shown some toy aggression with other dogs and has also shown food aggression only toward dogs (not to people) when he’s eating. He really enjoys playing with tug toys, and seeing how fast he can get all the fluff out of a stuffy! He also loves racing laps around the backyard with the other dogs and would love a good sized backyard to play in.

He is very eager to learn, and being a lab mix is extremely food motivated! He has mastered commands like sit, and lie down quickly and has been doing so well with his sit stays. Scout is house trained too. He does enjoy the occasional counter surf, and will scoop up anything and everything you drop on the floor very fast! Scout also likes to jump up when he is meeting new people and is excited, so will need some reminders that isn’t the proper way to greet humans. He is crate trained and will stop immediately what he is doing and run into his crate as soon as he sees/hears the treats. We leave the door to his crate open and he will go into just to take a little snooze whenever he feels like it.

Scout is also very shy around young children, and hasn’t quite understood how to act around them. He is very nervous and likes to hide to behind his foster parents when he is around young and active kids.

Scout will not be adopted to a home where small animals are present as he has an extremely strong small prey drive.


Scout was lovingly fostered by Megan.