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Scottie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ginger, in honour of her friend Annie and in memory of her foster dog Arthur.


Through no fault of his own, Scottie found himself in rescue when his elderly owner moved to a location that did not accept pets.

Scottie is an adorable senior Westie who is content to lie around in between bursts of energy where he can be seen playing with a toy or hanging around outside. He LOVES the snow and crawls on his belly to rub it in the freshly fallen white stuff! When he comes inside, he is covered in mini snowballs that stick to his fur. He waits patiently for his paws and tummy to be wiped before traipsing around the house.

For reasons that remain a mystery, Scottie does not like stairs. When he arrived in our care, he refused to walk up or down the stairs in our house. With patience and practice, he will now walk down the stairs on his own. He currently waits at the bottom and whines until someone comes to carry him up the stairs. He has started to walk up on his own if he is carried up a few stairs and has come up completely on his own a few times. His forever home should either be one with no stairs or with a family who is willing to work on this skill with him.

He enjoys going out in the backyard and barking at squirrels and birds. He is also vocal in the house so an apartment would not be a good fit him.

Scottie is house trained and walks well on a leash. He gets along well with his foster cat and dog brothers.

Upon arriving at our rescue, Scottie had some dental work that has healed well. Following his dental surgery he had issues with nausea and vomiting. While it has improved 95% he still does have occasions of regurgitating some fluid. He has had diagnostics which have not found any abnormalities to be causing this and as he has made steady improvement, we do hope it completely resolves in time. As Westies are known to have sensitive stomachs, it is best for Scottie to have smaller, more frequent meals and a cookie before bed so his tummy does not get too empty. When he does exhibit overt signs of nausea, there is medication that does help.

Scottie is a delightful dog will make a fabulous companion for the right family.


Scottie was lovingly fostered by Marcy.


This girl is full of happy energy and would do well with an active family.