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Scottie has been adopted!

Scottie is sponsored in memory of Westies past – Ashleigh, Brittany, Bonnie, and Alleigh



Meet Scottie! This sweet, gentle, sociable boy is looking for the perfect retirement home. Scottie keeps a watchful eye as he shadows his foster family as they go about their daily business…he loves to be near. They chat away to him even though he is deaf. He looks at them to check in often so as not to miss anything. His favourite parts of the day are when the harness and leash come out. He wiggles his way into his harness hoping for a good chin scratch and rub as a bonus. He is gaining strength in his little legs and loves a good stroll and sniff around the block. He walks well on leash and enjoys multiple walks each day, (you don’t get very far) but every shrub is watered, spot sniffed and person/dog greeted. He would love to lounge in a backyard.

Scottie arrived underweight and we are working to get his sensitive tummy settled with the right food and multiple small meals a day (about every 3 hours) and a meal before bed. He can not go for a long stretch overnight without food or he has an upset tummy in the morning. Currently he receives his last meal at 11 pm and breakfast at 8 am. He is on Purina Pro Plan for Sensitive stomachs and seems to be managing well. He has a good appetite, loves to ‘help’ (under foot) in the kitchen during meal prep and will wiggle for a treat that magically appears from above. His meals are accompanied with a pee break or walk to create a routine that ensures he is healthy and comfortable.

This boy is very close to the ground, loves a soft bed or blanket on the floor and isn’t able to get up on furniture. He is calm and respectful in the house, doesn’t show interest in chewing things, but is very curious and loves to explore each room from corner to corner. Scottie marked the first day in his foster home so they popped on a belly band to ensure he couldn’t make a mess. Although he never marked again they did notice that he dribbles a little from time to time. So he happily wears a belly band when in the house.

Since Scottie has no hearing his interaction with the world is a little different. He is very watchful, stops to stare at people and dogs when outside and most often is not reactive, every once in a while there will be a dog that needs a little bark. He loves to position himself where he can see what’s going on in the house and when outside. He doesn’t seem to know many commands but is eager to please and food motivated, so hand commands work well. Catch his eye and wave your hand to come toward you and he gets up and comes over to snuggle against your leg for a head rub. A little tug on the leash tells him it’s time to move forward and pointing to his crate in the house tells him it’s time to enter, which he does willingly (especially since there are treats in there). Scottie sleeps very soundly and needs a little tug on his blanket to wake him up. He often will sleep through movement around him. Although Scottie isn’t cuddly, he is very sweet and affectionate.

Scottie is a very social dog, he meets and greets well with other dogs outside, and he readily accepts small visitors in the house( same size and energy level). He seems to love their company, in fact it makes him a much more energetic boy. There are a few dogs that he has not taken well too, typically they have been larger, had a higher energy level with too much interest. Scottie gives them a growl or a bark and they back off. He could be very happy in a home with other small dogs or with a larger calm senior dog.

Scottie is comfortable being left alone, whether in his crate or around the house. He curls up and waits. He can be vocal but typically is quiet. He will go to the door and give it a little tap to see if you’ll come back. He has not been left more than 4 hours alone, he would do well to have someone home often.

Scottie loves to prance in excitement but he does have days where he appears stiff. He has started joint supplements to help his movement. Since he is feeling so well now he can get a little too rambunctious and not remember his age. He has a partial tear in his ACL that has healed well with rest and medications, but it means that he needs to be kept calm and shouldn’t climb stairs or jump up or down on and off furniture, etc. His foster family currently lift him up the 3 stairs at the front of their house, but he is a bit of brute to lift and move. A ramp could be a great solution.

The person who surrendered Scottie was not the owner but a family member and they said Scottie was 15 years old. Although he may very well be 15, our vets feel Scottie is younger.

Scottie had surgery to remove a lump on his neck and a little teeth cleaning. He has recovered beautifully, his fur has almost completely filled in and he’s feeling in tip top shape for his age.

Scottie’s ideal family must be/have:
• Adult only home or with older kids (no winding up the dog)
• A home where stairs are not required to be with family and get outside
• Willing to flex their routines to ensure his consistent routine of feeding and bathroom breaks (every 3-4 hours) to keep Scottie healthy and comfortable.
• Able to adapt to life with a deaf dog that depends on his family to keep him safe
• Be willing to invest the time he needs for a walk, he’s a slow boy
• Be willing to groom him regularly
• Physically strong enough to lift Scottie up stairs if needed
• Love this guy over the moon – he is all joy!!

Scottie was lovingly fostered by Lisa