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Scooter has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Annie a Save Me Rescue alumni that left us far too soon



Scooter is a fine-looking little fella, born in Tennessee and thought to be two years of age. Having all the lively characteristics of a chihuahua mix, he is also very sweet and affectionate and has become quite bonded to his foster mom. He weighs 7 lbs. and has a beautiful colouring with very expressive ears and eyebrows. His ‘downward dog’ and wagging tail are adorable.

Before crossing the border and becoming a Canadian, Scooter was vetted, dewormed, vaccinated and received Simparica prevention. He was also micro-chipped and his new family will be able to register him on the system.

Walks appear to be new to Scooter and he has learned quickly to stay on the left with a loose lease. His foster dad has allowed him to do a whole lot of sniffing but interestingly as a neutered male, he has never shown any interest in marking and has never done ‘his business’ while on these adventures. He is not a fan of busy streets or traffic noise. Trails are not a problem for him but he is afraid of encountering big dogs and is very frightened if they bark or show him attention. He has been non-reactive to a small senior dog visited but is not cat-tested. He does display some food protection to other dogs and this would have to be managed if his adoptive family have an existing pet.

When Scooter first arrived, he had no notion of what it was to ‘go’ outside. It was obvious that he was used to only puppy pads indoors but is now making backyard visits and is not having accidents in the house. He is making great progress but can only be trusted with full supervision and it is expected that the change to a new home will be a challenge but completely manageable with lots of love and praise (and of course treats).

Scooter has been experiencing random episodes of diarrhea which appear to be caused by nervousness. The addition of pumpkin to his meals has made a difference and his diet is currently being changed to a lamb/rice base in case part of the cause is a protein sensitivity. He is currently receiving a small dose of antacid before bed to prevent morning nausea. Adoptive parents must be aware that his tummy problems may well be a part of his transition to a new environment and they must be prepared to cope with helping him adjust and settle. Veterinary visits could be a part of his care in this regard.

Although his breed can tend to be barky or whiny, he is seldom either and has only reacted to a knock at the door recently with some vocalization. He is remarkably quiet but very sensitive to human emotion and can become very upset. Chi mixes are also known for being nervous with shivering and shaking which he does. He continues to be a somewhat insecure little guy with separation anxiety and his adoptive parents will have to work with him on this. A consistent routine and calm household will suit him best.

Scooter is just beginning to show his playful side and loves his toys. He will dance on his back legs and toss small objects into the air. He has not proven to be destructive except to harnesses. (Had to change to a collar since he loves chewing one to bits!) Fetch is not in his vocabulary yet and he’s still working on understanding commands. He loves nothing more than a warm, soft bed and to burrow under a blanket on his person’s lap. He is wonderful at cuddling down in his enclosed crate at night and usually doesn’t waken until being greeted in the morning. Although good with children, their busyness can make him anxious. It does take him some time to overcome his fear of new people but good introduction management has been successful and Scooter has never shown signs of aggression.

Bathing can be difficult for this little guy but because he is small and doesn’t tolerate a blow dryer, it is always a quick job. He allows for his ears to be cleaned and nails trimmed without difficultly and appreciates having his eyes bathed every few days. He has only displayed ‘scooting’ a few times, but as a small dog, he should have his anal glands examined by his vet regularly. Riding in the car is not a problem for Scooter and he’s had a number of lengthy trips that were well tolerated.

This little guy needs a quiet family where routine will help with his digestive issues and possibly where another small dog resides. He will need a safe, enclosed yard or full supervision if living in an apartment. He will make an amazing companion for someone who can shower him with love and responsible care.

Scooter was lovingly fostered by Jenny