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Scooter has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Sally’s beloved dog Flo



We are excited to introduce to you this handsome boy. Meet Scooter who has legs for day. He is a tall and sweet love bug with lots to offer is future forever family who is willing to help him become the best boy he can be. Scooter is puppy-like in many of his mannerisms and will require an experienced home to continue his training.

Scooter was a stray and came to the shelter with an eye injury. His injured eye was surgically removed. This does not hinder him at all and we think it enhances his overall charm and good looks!
Scooter loves to play! He loves his toys and many do not survive his love of chewing them. His future family will need to pick toys wisely! If you are looking for a dog that can play a great game of fetch, Scooter is your boy.

Scooter knows some basic comments like sit and stay but needs some guidance and work on his leash skill. He is a big strong boy that can pull during walks. He also needs does not currently do well in a crate and will need some training to get him comfortable going and staying in a crate. He is non-destructive when left alone.

Scooter’s bark matches his large stature. It is very deep and loud. For this reason, he is not suitable for an apartment condo and needs a detached home. Scooter likes to use his voice to get attention but is improving in his foster home and his future family will have to continue working on this with him.

Scooter is a medium energy dog and would do well in an active home with older dog savvy kids. A fenced in back yard is also required. The confines of a 4 ft fence does not keep this boy from exploring. He can and will jump a 4 ft fence so he needs a higher fence (ideally 6 ft).

Scooter does well with other dogs and would do best with other dogs that are relatively his size. He tends to bother smaller dogs. Although he is being fostered with a dog savvy cate, a home without cats would be best. He does have a prey drive for bunnies. He has shown no resource guarding issues with food or toys.

Scooter loves snuggles and has a lot of potential. He hasn’t had a lot of boundaries set in his life, so does act like a puppy in many ways but with consistent positive correction and the right adopters, he will thrive.

Scooter was lovingly fostered by Deb



This girl is full of happy energy and would do well with an active family.