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Savannah has been adopted

Sponsored in memory of Sonia, Toby, Kallie, Pepper, and Betty White



Meet Savannah. She is as sweet as her southern name! She also has the sweetest little face that can melt anyone’s heart. True to the beagle breed she is affectionate, loves to cuddle and play!

She prefers to be with her people, including during bedtime (she currently is crated at night in her foster mom’s bedroom).

She is curious girl and loves to steal things so keeping her busy and burning energy will help keep her out of trouble. Playing with balls and squeaky toys as well as running in the fenced in backyard is one way she burns some energy. Her ideal home must have a fenced in back yard (with at least 5’ fencing and lockable gate) to allow her freedom to run in a safe space.

Savannah obeys a ‘sit’ as well as ‘come’ when called. She has not had any accidents in the house and signals when she has to go out to do her business.

Savannah is being fostered with two other dogs in her home and does well with them. She does fantastic during her pack walks.

This sweet girl would do well in many family settings and would be an asset to any family dynamic including with other dogs, cats and with dog savvy kids. Overall she is a doll and a family will be lucky to have this girl as part of their lives.

Savannah was lovingly fostered by Kimberly