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Save Me remembers Saucy


(Saucy and her foster mom)

Yesterday (Feb 28, 2018) we had to say good bye to a very special girl. Late last spring we received an email about a beagle girl named “Sausage”. There was something about her, a twinkle in her eye, that captivated us all and one of our foster moms expressed the wish to foster her. Upon arrival she became “Saucy” and continued to shine brightly and bestow love and happiness with her boundless capacity to find joy in everything. People would meet Saucy and comment how they had never met a happier dog. With all the love and care she received from the moment she was rescued, Saucy had many reasons to be happy.

Our joyful, playful girl became very ill Sunday night. After being on supportive care for a few days and having a number of diagnostics that were inconclusive it was decided to do exploratory surgery. Unfortunately surgery confirmed the fears of our veterinarians and it was felt that Saucy’s issues were not survivable. With heavy hearts we agreed with Dr. Hinsperger that it was kindest not to wake Saucy up and to let her go peacefully. We are thankful for the kindness, care, and compassion Saucy received whenever she was at Kingsdale Animal Hospital and for their efforts these last number of days. We could not have asked for a more attentive and caring veterinarian than Dr. Brad Hinspberger whose guidance is always so valued.

When we foster these precious dogs we love them like our own and Saucy was very much a treasured part of Dione‘s family. We are grateful that Saucy had such a loving Mom these last months of her life which we are sure were the best months of her life. The Save Me family is diminished with Saucy’s loss and we are all holding both Dione and her beloved girl in our hearts.