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Sassy is adopted!!!


Sassy / Female / Heeler – Beagle Cross / 20-25 lbs / 10 yrs old / Adoption fee: $300.00


We pulled Sassy from the shelter almost 6 months ago to the day. Her shelter photos could only be described as haunting, and have left a very long lasting impression on me. I could tell you all about what we believe Sassy has been through and her long and sometimes rough recovery but that would not be fair to Sassy, as you see Sassy is one of the most reliant dogs you could ever meet and she only looks forward never back.

So let me take a moment to tell you not about our girls past but about her amazing spirit and what we hope her future will look like. Sassy is a 10 years old cattle dog mix. She has impeccable house manners and is fully housetrained. She exists beautifully in our multi dog home and would be comfortable in a home with or without other dogs. She is vision impaired and for this reason is not super keen on puppies, she finds their energy overwhelming and unpredictable so would prefer her retirement home be puppy free. She would ideally love a bungalow but if you live in a multi-level home she can make that work too. Just as long as you promise to always carry her down the stairs, she is great at going up t

hem but not so great at going down, don’t worry though she will patiently wait at the top until you have a chance to come and grab her.

She loves people big and small, she never demands attention but will take every ounce of it that comes her way. She has a calming presence like no dog I have ever met. That is until it’s time to eat, then she starts dancing and hopping around, an act that continues until her food is set in front of her. Sassy is on a very strict schedule when it comes to her meals due to her being diabetic. We know this will scare some people and some people may even be tempted to stop reading at this point but hang on let me tell you a bit about Sassy and her diabetes. First of all it doesn’t slow her down for a second. She is a trooper for her twice daily insulin injections, she doesn’t even flinch. She doesn’t let her condition impact her life and we hope it won’t impact her chances of adoption. Moving forward she will require twice daily insulin injection given at meal time. She will also require twice annual glucose curves just to make sure her diabetes remains regulated. She also suffers from a condition called dry eye for which she receives eye drops twice a day, which in true Sassy style she is very good about receiving.Sassy knows our routine and never allows us to be late for her meals, if we are running even a minute or two behind we hear her tapping away in the kitchen dancing for her dinner!

Sassy has become a fixture in our home and saying goodbye to her will be incredibly hard but I know the perfect retirement out there is waiting for her. I don’t know how many years Sassy has left but I do know one thing, a

nd that is that this girl is a fighter. Nothing gets her spirits down and one family will have endless joy and laughter brought to their lives courtesy of this very special girl!

We would like to thank past adopters of Save Me Rescue Brian and Kyla for reaching out to us within minutes of posting Sassy yesterday, with a very generous donation specifically made in order to help us get Sassy to where she needs to be. We are so happy to know that Rosca is in great hands with people like you!

For more information on Sassy, please contact her foster mom Courtney, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!