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Sassy has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Brodsky family in memory of Charlie Reffo – a sweet little cat who was very loved.


With one ear standing up at attention and the other flopped down, Sassy is a soft, and gentle 10 year old companion for anyone looking for a mellow fur buddy.

Why Sassy then?  Just pull out a leash and say the magic word “walk” and this Sassy gal will hold you to your word until you set foot out the door.  Once on the street she’s an awesome walker, easy on the leash and happy to cruise and sniff – of course, she tends to attract a lot of admirers, so be prepared for a lot of pets and ‘hellos’.

Once you’re back home, she’s content to bask in the afternoon rays on her pillow and hang out until her next play session.

Sass easily made friends with her foster sister Burleigh (a nine year old Golden Retriever) and her baby foster brothers who are 1 and 3 years old, so you can rest assured she’ll be gentle with other dogs and little humans.

She came into rescue from a by-law officer, so we don’t know much about her past, but she’s house trained and clearly wasn’t denied any meals because she could stand to loose a few pounds – nothing a little TLC, healthy meals and regular exercise won’t cure.

Looking for a calm. four legged fur friend to fill your days with mellow walks and quiet hang time in the afternoon sun?  Sassy’s your gal.

For further questions about Sassy please email her foster Mom Mandy at