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Sasha & Toby

Sasha & Toby are adopted!

Sasha / Female / Spayed / Shih Tzu Cross / 8 Years Old / 15 Lbs

Toby / Male / Neutered / Shih Tzu Cross / 8 Years Old / 15 Lbs

Adoption fee as a bonded pair: $600.00

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Toby and Sasha are bonded siblings who have come to us from a home, who unfortunately had to move and could not take them with them.

They have spent their whole lives together and we are committed to finding them a home where they can live out their final years together.

Sasha is the more social and relaxed of the two. The move out of their home and into foster care didn’t phase her the way it did Toby and she eased into her foster homes routine with minimal disruption. She is a sweet girl who likes affection and other dogs. Her main love in life however, is food, so you do need to keep an eye out of her when there is food around as she can be quite a glutton and if allowed to free feed she would become very overweight. She loves her walks and her play time in the yard with her foster siblings. She is fully house and crate trained, although not crated in her foster home this pair apparently was in their previous home. She loves sleeping with her foster parents at night and would love a home where there would be lots and lots of cuddling!

Toby is the more sensitive of the two. The move was very hard on him and close to a month later he is still adjusting to foster car, but every day he becomes a bit more at ease and a bit more trusting. He is a dog who is not overly comfortable with being touched or picked up and when he does not feel comfortable with how you are touching him he will give a warning growl to let you know he is feeling uncomfortable. If you respect these warnings there are no issues but it is for this reason we feel this pair needs a home with no kids, as unfortunately kids cannot always read these kinds of signals. He needs a home who will go slow, a home who understands that he has had a lot of change recently and will give him all the time he needs.

These two are a lovely pair of dogs who unfortunately were thrown a curve ball late in their lives with losing the only home they have ever known. They need a nice quiet home who will give them time they need to adjust and learn to trust again. If a home can give them that they were be rewarded with two very sweet and loving companions.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!