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Sara has been adopted!

Sara is sponsored by Jane & Earl in memory of their beloved schnauzer Sky-Blue and in honour of their new friend and loving companion, Maiya, who is a blessing in their lives every day


UPDATE: I’ve been in my foster home for a few months and I feel so much better! I had 8 teeth removed (after 1 fell out while I was just lying around one day). My eyes are better and I will need eye drops twice a day forever to keep them nice and clear.

The medication that I take twice a day for my Cushings Disease is really helping and I will need to stay on it for the rest of my life. I will also need to have my blood checked a couple of times a year to make sure the medication is still doing it’s job.

And I finally realized that carpet, dog beds and sofas are way better than the hard floor!


My name is Sara, but my foster family calls me Piggy because I sound like a pig when I breathe. I am a 10 year old black Shih-Tzu. I was surrendered to a gassing pound in Quebec, and was very neglected. I had big, red, infected eyes, extremely long nails, flaky skin, hair loss and some wounds. I was a mess! After I had some blood taken for testing, the vet gave me an antibiotic injection, eye drops and a much-needed mani-pedi to help make me feel better. My bloodwork indicates that I have Cushing’s Disease and I have started taking some pills to help control this. I’ve been told that I can live a regular life, once my hormones are under control but I will need to stay on this medication forever.

I am working on house training, but I still have some accidents in the house. I need a family that will be home to let me out frequently, and be patient if I have an accident. I know my name, and have started to understand what the word ‘come’ means and follow it inconsistently.

When my foster family takes me outside, I walk very slowly, and only short distances as I have very tiny legs, but I love being in the car. When I am inside during the day I sleep a lot, unless my foster dad gets up from his desk or sofa. Then I have to follow him wherever he goes. In the mornings and right before bed I have a lot of energy and sometimes even chase my tail. I am not really interested in toys, but I do like bones and love to be petted, especially on my belly! My new family will need to be able to wake up early in the morning to let me out to do my business, but don’t worry, if they take too long I will wake them up by moving around a lot or even sometimes barking quietly.

I am too small to jump up onto furniture, but I can jump down if I want to. I prefer to be on the cold floor, rather than a carpet, sofa or dog bed.

I get along well with the other dogs and cat that are in my foster home.

Sara was lovingly fostered by Marcy