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Sara has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mason. In celebration of his 3rd birthday, he requested donations in lieu of gifts so he could “save the puppies”.
Happy Birthday Mason!!


Sara found herself in rescue when her puppy energy proved to be too much for her elderly owner. Sara has shown herself to be very eager to please and learn and will need a family with the time and patience to train her. She is off to a great start in her foster home and is a smart girl who picks things up quickly. A very friendly and affectionate girl, Sara seems to like everyone she meets. She gets along with dogs beautifully and has met a variety of sizes of dogs and done well with them all. We are not sure how Sara would be with cats.
Sara came into rescue during the recent ice storm and now that the weather is finally improving she loves being outside and enjoys the freedom a fully fenced yard provides. Like all young dogs she plays hard and needs the opportunity to expend her energy. A tired dog is a happy dog! Sara will need a home where she will get the exercise and training she requires and we feel she would be happiest with a dog sibling. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with a lot of love to give!