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Sandy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Tiffany K., in celebration her friend Margaret’s birthday. Happy Birthday Margaret!!


Sandy is a heartbreaker in more ways than one. She was surrendered by her owners, due to their inability to control her seizures.  For now, Sandy is in rehab while we monitor her for possible seizures.

Sandy arrived on Saturday. She has been an absolute darling. She is sweet, happy, friendly and well behaved. She loves all of the other dogs in the house as well as the cat. She will very quickly drop to the floor and offer up her belly for petting whenever she gets attention. She loves being part of the family and fit into our routine seamlessly.

She has not had any accidents in the house since her arrival. She goes outside nicely when asked. She has been crated at night and when we go away. This is being done because it seems to be her routine. She happily goes into her crate when asked or on her own for a nap.

Sandy is still settling in but we have not heard her bark very much. She seems very well behaved. but we have not had a chance to test her basic command skills yet.  She likes to be with us. She likes to go out for walks.

We noticed some sores on her body. Not sure what these are yet. They could be hot spots. They could be from an allergy she had. They could just be sores. She is not licking them or paying any attention to them so, at this point, I am not concerned. They should heal in time.