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Sandy has been adopted!


Sandy / Female / Golden Doodle / 2 yrs / Adoption fee: $400.00


We don’t know much about Sandy’s past, but when Sandy first came to us, she was extremely scared of people. She would pace around our house and immediately run out of any room we entered. She would eat her food only when we would leave the house or when we were asleep. She spent most of her time in her crate (even though it was open). Sandy would avoid walking on grass, preferring the road/sidewalk. Sandy would constantly be at the end of her leash while on walks. She was not house-trained. She did not ever groom herself, as if she didn’t know that was something she should do.

However, it is obvious that Sandy has a heart of gold. Despite her fear, she has never shown an ounce of aggression. We could see she so desperately wanted to interact with us but just didn’t know how.

With time, she began to open up. Our biggest help was our own dog, whose calm attitude gave her confidence. He was our main connection to Sandy in the first few days and continues to be her guide when encountering anything new.

Sandy’s progress was really amazing to watch. Baby steps every day.

She’s been with us for 3 months now, and we’re thrilled to say she continues to impress us with her willingness and bravery.

Within the last couple weeks especially she has begun to open up and show some personality. She is inquisitive on our walks, sniffing around the grass and even going into the creek. She absolutely loves our outdoor adventures and that is really when her personality comes out most. Although she is still very scared of any strangers, she has started to approach us in the home and outside asking to be pet, and even pushing her nose in when we stop. She is taking treats from our hands. She is very near house-trained, definitely preferring to go outside, and only making mistakes if we deviate very much from our normal schedule. We’ve given her a couple baths as she still does not seem to groom herself, but she actually seems to love the bath and attention. She still likes her crate but spends more and more time outside of it every day; we only close the crate when we leave the house for extended periods of time. She has even started to play bow and pounce around when she gets excited. Her innocence is very charming.

Sandy has come a long way, but we think it is time for Sandy to continue her development with her forever family.

From what we’ve seen, we think the ideal family for Sandy will be a quiet family with no young children, a family that would be able to take her on long daily walks (her favourite thing), a family with another confident dog (to show her the ropes), and a home in a quieter neighbourhood. A patient family that has experience with dogs would be best.

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