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Sandie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Lesley and her beautiful dog Pupster. Happy Adoptaversary!


Meet Sandie the incredibly affectionate beagle!

If you are looking for a quiet, cuddly companion Sandie is your girl.  Like most beagles she is a very gentle, loving dog.  She will gladly cuddle up with you, content to have her belly rubbed for hours.  We have had Sandie around people of all ages and she loves them all. She has shown no signs of aggression and is very loving to every person and animal we have met.  She is very excited to meet the people and dogs we meet on our walks, and is somewhat offended at those who don’t stop to give her a pet. Speaking of walks…Sandie loves them! As in true beagle form she stops to sniff the flowers, and the trees, and the sidewalks, and everything in between.  While she loves to go on walks, she would do best in a home with a fenced yard where she can run freely and unleash some energy, especially in the morning.  Right now we are working on her tendency to pull on the leash, but a good run in a fenced yard would probably help tremendously.  She is also dealing with some separation anxiety, and we are helping her to understand that although we need to be out sometimes we are always coming home to her.  We have had no issues with her being destructive or having accidents in the house.  She is content to cuddle in her comfy bed and wait for you to come home.  She is currently living in a home with cats and doesn’t really show any interest in them.  Sandie is a very quiet dog that is eager to please people.  We are working on basic commands (sit and stay)and she is responding really well.  So far we have had no success in getting her to play with toys, perhaps she never learned as a pup.  Her main interests are walks, squirrels and belly rubs. She loves going for car rides and watching all the action.  She would be such a great dog for road trips!  She is very easy to bath and enjoys being brushed, probably because she loves all the attention!  Sandie really is a sweet, affectionate girl with so much love to give the right family.


Sandie was loving fostered by Lisa P.