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Sammy is adopted


Sammy’s pull fee was sponsored by Hewon Y, in loving memory of his faithful companion Stratton


Sammy came from a pretty severe hoarding situation. He was shared a small home with 31 other dogs, an owner who was not very tidy. There was no running water and they had to fight at times for food.  The dogs were discovered when the owner passed away, and they were then taken into care. As with most dogs from hoarding situations, they’ve had very little human contact aside from the owner. Most have not experienced a whole lot, so everything is new to them and it can be quite an overwhelming experience during their first few weeks in their new life.
Sammy a little nervous and shy at first, but willing to consider what you’re trying to show him. He’s curious and his adorable little ears perk up with new sounds. If you give him a little space, he will sit and explore his surrounding on his own. He becomes braver by the minute. He has done remarkably well with his bathroom business! Within his first week in care, he is at pretty well completely house trained, which is incredible given his history, he so grateful to live in a clean environment!
Sammy is a good eater, very quiet for the most part. Since he is so young, he should be crated or confined to a small room while his people are out of the house as he is still a puppy. He does like to chew flip flops, as do most puppies! He’s curious and is really learning to enjoy the outdoors. He’s doing much better on a leash,  but will need someone to understand that he will need to take it slow in new surrounds. He’s still learning to appreciate all the activity that goes on outside.
He really is a wonderful and loving little guy who is pretty happy go lucky. He gets along with other dogs, as long as they’re not over the top with energy as it spooks him. He would make a great companion for an older dog that is calm. He’s also good with large dogs., and doesn’t seem to mind the resident cat.
We feel that Sammy will adjust very well, with a bit of time and patience. He’s already learned that when someone rubs the bridge of his nose, nice and slowly, his eyes get very tired.. so sweet.

Sammy was lovingly fostered by Colleen and Kendra