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Sam has been adopted!

Sponsored by Gail in memory of Tigger



Hello, my name is Sam.

I’m a middle aged guy, with middle aged energy. If you ask me to go for a walk, or you want to go out to do some yard work, I will happily join you. Otherwise, I’m just going to make use of your couch for nap time. I’m super chill, not too much gets me excited. I ignore the other dogs in my foster home, but will play if an attempt is made. I don’t bark much, I use that for emergency only. I also live with a foster cat, and I don’t pay him any attention either.

I’m not a fan of the crate, but I will go in and eventually settle. I would much prefer to be left loose. I will scratch at the door a bit when you leave, but then give up and find a good comfy spot to settle into. I’m house trained, but in the days after my arrival into your home, you will need some patience with me. I have this fear that I will be left alone in the yard, and that distracts me. If you stand still, I will wander off and do my business, but if you move, I’ll run right back to you. So the early days I like to make multiple visits to the yard and as I learn your routine, and feel more secure, yard visits go much more smoothly.

I’m a bit of a light eater. Not a fan of treats (which my foster mom thinks is weird, but my fosters siblings are happy to take what I don’t want). I prefer my kibble be topped with soft food or canned pumpkin, not plain.. yuck.

My fur is a bit stained, but with some TLC that will go away and I will be even more handsome then I am now. I also have a small fatty mass near my tail called Lipomas, which the vet said is no concern.. just something that happens as dogs approach their golden years. My foster mom seemed a bit shocked by my teeth, commenting on how crooked they are.. I prefer to call them strategically placed.

I would love to find a home that I can spend my senior years in. I would do well on my own, or with some dog or cat friends. I’d be super happy with a morning & evening strolls around neighbourhood, followed up by my choice of dogs beds or cozy couch cushions to choose for my nap afterward. My foster home does not have kids, but given my mild personality, I think I would be ok with some older respectful ones. I’m a simple guy, and good little companion.

Sam was lovingly fostered by Colleen