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Sam is in rehab  – Not accepting applications

Sponsored by the Nesbitt family in loving memory of our Zia Camilla and Lady, her beautiful Irish Setter.



Oh, hello!

My name is Sam and I am 12 years young. I am extremely charismatic. As soon as people see me, they instantly fall in love with me.

You see, I am overweight. I often say it just means there is more to love, but my foster family says it is bad for my health and that I have to diet and exercise. All those extra pounds hurt my joints, especially at night. I try to lick them to alleviate the pain. I am grateful foster mom and foster dad are patient – I know it is noisy and kinda gross. They recently started adding glucosamine to my food. We hope it helps soon so we can all get better sleep.

I am housetrained. If you don’t get to the door fast enough, I will simply let myself out by opening the screen door. I also sometimes like to go outside just to get some fresh air on the patio. Therefore, I would prefer to have a fenced yard where I can be safe both to relax and do my business.

You might think I am old, but I am very young at heart. I love playing with my plushy squeaky toy. If you throw it for me, I will run as fast as my little legs can let me to go get it. Sometimes I will bring it back to you for a little tug of war. I also love being around people. I enjoy scratches and cuddles and will often ask for more with my pudgy paw. Sometimes, if I know you are in the house but I cannot find you, I will whine to get to you. I am currently being fostered with 3 other dogs and I get along with all of them. I am not a fan of walks. I will not pull, but I am slow and I do need to take frequent breaks. However, walks are part of what my foster folks call my new lifestyle.

I will be in rehab until I get to a healthier weight. I hope to meet you soon!

Sam x x

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only