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Little Saffron came from a hoarding situation in Tennessee where she lived with 40-50 other dogs including 2 of her own puppies.  When Saffron was removed from this home her and her newborn puppies were placed into a shelter.  When her puppies were old enough they were adopted and Saffron found herself alone in a cage looking for a home.  She did not cope well in this situation and was terrified.  She would hide at the back of her kennel and growl when someone tried to handle her.  When she was outside in the run, the staff at the shelter would have to corner her to catch her.  We can’t begin to imagine what her little life was like in her Tennessee home or in the shelter.  Clearly, this little girl’s life has been turned upside down!

One of the staff in the shelter recognized the look of panic in Saffron’s eyes and put her in a pet taxi and took her home.  The picture you see of Saffron on the Save Me website was taken about 10 minutes after Saffron arrived in this staff’s home.  Yes, this little girl was nervous, but she settled into a good routine within a couple of days and her photo was forwarded to Save Me to see if we had a foster home that would give this little girl a chance.  We were told she was good with other dogs and  cats , that she was house broken, well-mannered and calm.

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Saffron made the journey with 25 other dogs from Tennessee to Canada.   The transportation volunteers recognized Saffron’s look of panic during this journey and she became the co-pilot who sat on someone’s lap for her long journey to Canada.

When Saffron arrived in her foster home, she was nervous and exhausted and settled very quickly at the end of her foster mom’s bed for the night.  She loved to be petted and would nudge you with her little nose for more each time you stopped.  Slowly over the next few days, Saffron began to feel safe and her lovely, calm and quiet personality began to show.  Although it took her a bit longer to warm up to the men in her foster home; she now follows her foster dad everywhere in the house and will jump up on his lap when he sits down on a chair.  The video that you see here is on day 6 when Saffron initiated play with her foster mom.

Saffron’s current foster home was also fostering Pepper.  Saffron blossomed with Pepper in the foster home and was happy and playful, but also very respectful when Pepper wasn’t interested in playing.  Saffron is also very respectful of the resident cat.  Saffron would do really well in her furever home with a small playmate.

Saffron is looking for a patient home that will recognize the signs of when she is nervous and when she needs time to adjust to a new situation.  She needs to be given the opportunity to settle in slowly without being pushed and allowed to flourish into a lovely, happy little lap dog that had such a rough start to life.