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Sadie has been adopted!

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Meet Sadie! They say good things come in small packages but in Sadie’s case, good things also come in big packages. This extra-large girl has many great qualities and is a beautiful soul. Sadie has the ability to look at you with those big, sad eyes, and make you feel like you are the most important person in the whole world.

For her size, she is pretty gentle for the most part but she does possess the St. Bernard characteristic of being headstrong. She is not always aware of her size. She would like to come up and sit on your lap when you watch tv. She likes to come up behind you and put her head between your legs, giving you a boost. She will use her head to bump your arm when she wants attention. She loves her ears scratched and her belly rubbed. This is normal for the breed things you need to consider.

Sadie knows she is a gorgeous girl and will often be caught looking at her own reflection in mirrors, windows, or anything shiny. We don’t blame her, she is a beautiful girl to look at! She also really enjoys watching other dogs on tv. She can be occupied with this task for quite some time.

She is a great sleeper at night and keeps to her own area. We have not had to crate her but she is kept in a small hallway and not allowed to roam around.

She gets very excited to go outside and roam the yard or go for a walk. She does pull on the leash and could use some training in that department. She is not a fast walker though so she doesn’t pull you off your feet. She has shown no interest in toys yet.

Sadie has taken it upon herself to guard her family. She will bark at people walking by the house or knocking at the door. When outside she tells everybody she is on guard.

Sadie will need some patience and guidance to help her learn commands like sit, stay, and down and to learn leash skills. She will need positive reinforcement and a gentle approach as she gets nervous if she thinks she is getting in trouble.

It appears that Sadie didn’t have a lot of socialization prior to coming to the rescue as she is a nervous girl, especially in new situations. She loves people but needs slow introductions. She will pace when nervous. Being in a car is most likely new to her and she is not a fan. She is getting better though and no longer requires us to help lift her into the car. Stairs are a bit of a mystery to her and make her uncomfortable. She can do them but it is preferable to have as few stairs as possible in her forever home. Her foster family is working on exposing her to new situations to become more comfortable and confident.

Sadie’s ideal home includes the following:

  • No small children, cats or small dogs. She will do best with other dogs that are 50 lbs or more.
  • A family committed to continuing to work on housetraining. Sadie does not know to ask when to go outside yet and she does not want to impose. It is important that you remember to let her out after she has had water. She has not pooped in the house at all.
  • Enjoys leisurely walks. She does really enjoy her walks and would do well with someone that would take her out for a good distance each day.
  • Extra large breed experience is preferred.
  • A property to roam on or someone who is committed to hiking with her every day.
  • A house (not an apartment) that has enough room for her to stretch out (she takes up a lot of space!) and turnaround in.
  • Limited stairs or one level.
  • Secure and fenced in yard with at least 5 feet high fences to make her feel secure and keep her safe.
  • Willing to train her and at a pace Sadie is comfortable with

Sadie’s forever family will need to continue to socialize her so that she continues to build her confidence with strangers and new situations. Sadie has been a breeder dog and has not been trained to be a family pet but with some patience and love she has the ability and qualities to be a great pet. Despite her anxiety, she is eager to please and trusting of her people.

Sadie was lovingly fostered by Angie