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Sadie has been adopted!

Sadie is sponsored to wish that all the dogs in rescue soon find their Valentine ❤️ with love from Baylee, Julie, Annie, Princeton, Charlie, and Millee.



Sadie is a sweet, friendly and curious beagle mix with big silky ears and a very sweet face. She loves all people she meets and gives them a friendly and enthusiastic greeting. She is also friendly and respectful with dogs and takes correction well when needed. She would be fine in a home with children over the age of 8.

Sadie loves to cuddle and is the perfect size to curl up on the couch and read and book or watch tv. She also does not mind relaxing by herself. She spends most of her day curled up relaxing but also loves a good walk. Sadie is housetrained and does her business very quickly after she is let outside, she is still getting the hang of letting her foster mom know when she needs to go out. Sadie currently does not have a backyard in her foster home and enjoys multiple walks throughout the day.

Sadie has clearly lived in a home as her house manners are good for the most part and she arrived knowing all about the comforts of blankets, furniture and cozy dog beds. Sadie’s dream would be a home where someone is around most of the time and allows her to share their bed at night. Currently Sadie sleeps in a crate in her foster mom’s bedroom and is doing fine with this.

Although Sadie’s house manners are good for the most part, she is curious and an excellent problem solver ( she can escape certain crates in record time), if Sadie wants something ( often food on the counter) her curiosity gets the best of her. Her future family will need to make sure that food is put away and not underestimate her small size and the fact that she is well mannered for the most part. She will surprise you! Although Sadie tries to get food off the counter she has not begged for food at all in her foster home and makes a point of not being underfoot when her foster mom is eating.

Sadie’s new family will need to work with her on being comfortable being alone in the home for short periods of time. Her foster mom has been feeding her and giving her treats in her crate so that she learns that it is a safe happy place. She is getting better but will need continued work to trust that her people will come back and she has nothing to worry about. Because Sadie can be so curious about food it is best that she be crated for now when her family is out.

Sadie does not have much in the way of basic obedience training and would benefit from going to training to learn basic commands. Foster mom is working with her on sit and she is starting to get the hang of it. Sadie is an incredibly smart and social dog and would enjoy attending training as a way to bond with her new family.

Sadie has been fantastic with the resident dog in her foster home and has been very respectful of his space. Sadie would likely be fine with cats but has not been tested. Sadie can get a little excited during her meals and finishes her food in record time. Meal times need to be closely supervised so that she does not help herself to the resident dogs food. Sadie has started to play with the resident dog and would enjoy a home with a dog friend. She would also be fine as an only pet because she is so focused on her people.

Anyone that is lucky enough to add Sadie to their family will be rewarded with lots of love and plenty of laughs along the way as well.

Sadie was lovingly fostered by Alissa