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Sadie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Brian, Pam and their daughter Hanna, because all dogs deserve an amazing home.



Meet Sadie the super snuggler! Sadie is a seven-year-old dachshund (15 pounds) that made her way to us from Tennessee. She is super cute and a real cuddler! Wherever you are, she will find a cozy spot by you to lie down. A lap, a blanket or a bed…she loves to snooze! Sadie is a very affectionate dog. She has a lot of love to give, and enjoys a lot of love in return. She is very submissive (sensitive, lowers head, shakes when afraid, rolls onto back, submissive urination) and is looking to please. We have noticed a big improvement in her as she begins to trust her people. She will require patience but she is quick to bond and responds well to people she feels she can trust.

Before coming to us, Sadie tested positive for heartworm and underwent treatment for it. Since arrival she has been vet checked and cleared for regular activity (she will require re-testing in the future). Being on bed rest for a couple months means she put on a little weight, but now that she’s going for regular walks, we are seeing great improvements. She loves going outside and going for walks, gets excited about squirrels, people and dogs. Like a typical dachshund she usually has her nose to the ground. We’ve found she responds really well to being on a harness where we can help direct her and keep her moving forward. While she has not been cleared for full on running, she does enjoy playing with soft toys in the house. She has also just recently had her teeth cleaned so no one can refuse those Sadie kisses!

Indoors Sadie is a pretty quiet girl. She has free rein in the house and is a happy girl. She is crated when someone is not home; however, she does get stressed by this and will pee in her crate. She gets along well with our small dog and follows the cat around, much to his disapproval. Mostly she follows her foster mom around and likes to stick close to her. She does bark when the doorbell rings and when she hears exterior noises, but other than that she is not really vocal. She has also had the occasional reverse sneezing, but the vet assures us that it is nothing to worry about. Sadie thinks we worry too much!

Sadie would do best in a home where someone is home more often than not. Her need to please and anxious nature requires a calm presence. Over time, and with patience we do think this will change, but right now this means she would benefit from being in a home with no young children (would suggest minimum 12+) and no excessive noise. Because she barks at exterior noises she probably would not do well in a condo/apartment. She is used to other animals in the home, although not tested with larger dogs yet. She is not a high-energy dog, content to cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite tv show with you. She is excellent in the car and is easily becoming a favourite travel companion.

Sadie is such a loving, affectionate girl. She is such a joy to be with. She is already so much more confident in the weeks we’ve had her, I have no doubt she will continue to thrive in the right environment. She will wake you with kisses, be a loyal and cuddly companion through out the day and snuggle up with you at night. What more could anyone ask for?


Sadie was lovingly fostered by Lisa.