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Ryder has been adopted!

Sponsored by Judy V. in honour of her rescue puppy, Saku’s 15th birthday



This is Ryder.  He is such a calm, loveable character.  Ryder is two months old and is a shepherd/husky/lab mix.  He has gorgeous fluffy fur and the cutest expressions.  You will find yourself constantly picking up this little guy when he gives you that adoring look.  This guy would follow you around all day. He is a little shy of other dogs, but he just loves people!   He is in a home with other animals and would like to follow them around too if they would let him!  Ryder has been very receptive to being on the leash.  He loves going outdoors and will often find a stick twice his size to carry around with him.  He is also doing really well at learning commands like  sit. He is a pretty quiet dog, only barking when he plays with his sister or occasionally at the cat.  He actually does quite well with children and cats and only barks because he wants the cat to play with him.  He has only been around small and medium dogs so far and has had no issues with them.  Ryder is currently working really hard house training.  He does still have the occasional accident when super excited or nervous.  He will use the pee pads indoors but if he is taken outdoors consistently he has no problems.  He is crate trained with his sister but will likely have some separation anxiety when he goes to his new home.  He is still a puppy so he does like to chew but is redirected easily with his favourite chew toys.  Ryder is such an easygoing, good-natured fellow.  He loves belly rubs and cuddles and has so much love to give the right family.

Ryder was lovingly fostered by Lisa