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Ruthie has been adopted!

Sponsored in Memory of Harry York and Jack Brodsky for Father’s Day


Hi Canada! My name is Ruthie. I came all the way from Kentucky. I’m really glad to be here as I had a heart problem that needed treatment. Thanks to regular medication I am feeling so much better. I had a dental- no problem- and a big canine tooth was removed. I will need my meds every day but I am really good about taking them. I am a designer dog. I look just like a Golden but I’m half the size. I’m certainly unique!

From foster Mom: “ Ruthie is a very calm and gentle lady. She has only barked once but I do hear her woof in her sleep. She walks nicely on a leash and enjoys her foster dog siblings and the cat. She is friendly with adults and children. Her long wavy coat requires a regular brushing. Belly rubs and treats are her favourite thing.

At Ruthie’s first veterinary visit, after coming into rescue, it was found that she had a heart murmur and as it had been neglected for some time she did have some fluid in her lungs. Ruthie was started on 2 medications and once the fluid resolved she was able to have her dental surgery. Ruthie will need to stay on these medications for the rest of her life and keeping her at a healthy weight and avoiding sodium will also be helpful. Our veterinarian has been happy with how Ruthie has progressed while in our care and she will need her adopter to be cognizant of what to watch for in case she needs her medication adjusted. We will be happy to forward all of Ruthie’s health records to her new veterinarian when adopted.”



Ruthie was lovingly fostered by Evelyn