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Rusty is adopted!

Rusty / Male / Neutered / Poodle / 9 years old / 23 lbs / Adoption Fee is $300.00


Rusty came into our rescue as a very shut down and very scared dog. He barely moved, nervous, low confidence, fearful and very submissive. Sad and heartbreaking.

He was an owner surrender, an older couple who could no longer afford to live on their own or look after their dogs. We wonder what his life was like there, for him to behave the way he does now.

Since he has been with his foster family, he has started to open up. Slowly, bit by bit. He now responds to his foster family when they call his name. He will come and wander around at their feet, instead of sitting still in one spot as he typically did. He seems to be peepad/newspaper trained, so we feel as though he was not walked outside often. He’s slowly learning it’s ok to go outside for his personal business. Initially, he seemed confused as to why his foster family encourage him to do peepee on trees and bushes, as opposed to the newspaper, but he’s doing it to make them happy more and more!

Rusty has improved greatly since the arrival of another foster dog in the home. She is very happy-go-lucky, confident and friendly. She seems to bring out a more confident and happy side of Rusty! Paired up with a happy friendly fur friend and a very patient loving foster family, Rusty is improving every day!

Rusty’s ideal home would have an existing dog that is friendly, outgoing and cuddly. The home would be calm and quiet. His ideal applicants would be retired, or have someone home a great deal of the time. They would be encouraging, patient and willing to calmly celebrate every baby step he takes towards becoming more confident and happy. Rusty mistrusts men, so a single lady would be best. However, given enough time he may come around to the man of the house if he understood how to slowly gain Rusty’s trust (that will not happen overnight).

Rusty’s perfect home is out there! We can’t wait to show him that there is someone out there who will love him endlessly, so that he can shake off his past and love his future.

For more information on him, please contact his foster mom Uyen at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!