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Rufus is adopted!

Rufus / Male / Neutered / Terrier Mix / 1 year old / 15 Lbs / Available

Rufus was adopted from Save Me a few months ago. He has found his way back into our care after his owner had a change in her personal life that has left her in a position where she is no longer able to provide him the home he needs. What she has been able to give him the last few months though is a wonderful foundation which will assist him greatly in his transition to his new home. One thing you must know about Rufus is that he is still very much a puppy. He does all the things puppies do, he chews and nips and needs continual training and guidance. He will need a home who will take him to obedience training. He has come a long way with his current owner but as with any puppy he still has more to learn and needs a home committed to that.

Rufus literally loves every person and dog he has ever met! He does not know a stranger and thinks everyone is his best friend. He would love a home with another young dog in it for him to play with, a home with an older dog would not be ideal as he is still learning boundaries and would likely drive them crazy with his antics. If his home does not have another dog the ability for him to go to day care on occasion to interact with other dogs would be very beneficial for him.

Rufus needs a home where someone is home more often than not. He is not a fan of his crate and currently can only be left alone for approximately 4 hours at a time. His housetraining has come a really long way in the last few months and he is almost 100% there but it is expected he will regress in his new home. So he will need a patient owner that understands he may have accidents while he figures out the routine in his new home.

Although a little guy Rufus has the energy typical to a terrier and need two very good walks a day with a couple of short ones for bathroom breaks. He will need a home who is able to meet these exercise requirements. If he gets the exercise he needs he is calm in the home and loves to snuggle up with his people. Although Rufus loves all people we are looking for a home with no young kids, he still can be nippy when excited and its important his owners are able to keep him calm so he does not escalate to this point, something that is hard to do in a household with children. So we will ideally be looking for a home with kids 12+.

Rufus has that adorable scruffy look no one can resist, we will be very careful in selecting a home that not only loves his appearance, but that is also understands the demands of a puppy.

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