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Ruffles has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet W., in loving memory of her dear friend Roy Clarke


We’re not sure how Ruffles got his name, but it doesn’t really suit his mature and dignified personality.

This gentleman is a quiet guy who is a little unsure of new people but warms up quickly.  He is well mannered socially and gets along well with other dogs. He’s a snuggler and a flirt who loves to givis kisses.

He loves to be active with his people and fellow fur friends, rather than with toys. He would do well with a semi active family who would enjoy taking him for walks. He travels well in the car also

He is  house trained, but no one has done much training with him past that. Which is unfortunate as he likes to learn. He is currently perfecting the art of sit to wait for his meals to be served and treats to be handed out (as opposed to running crazy with delight at meal & treat time!).

He is pretty good at leash walking, but practice will make perfect here as well. He LOVES to go for walks! He doesn’t mind his teeth being brushed and enjoys a good body/feet scratch with the towel after a walk in the rain.

He’s not overly vocal, however he does have a fair amount of energy to run off, so we would suggest a home with a yard to play in as opposed to an apartment.

Ruffles is a really sweet guy who really doesn’t have any bad qualities, just needs a family that would do some simple work/training with him.

Ruffles was lovingly fostered by Meg & Scooter