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Rudy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona and Alex in honour of their grandparents 45th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Susan and Martin!


When Rudy was only six months old she was taken from an abusive home and found herself at a local shelter in Glaasgow, KY. This was not before her previous owner broke her hind leg. Her leg healed in a bad way and not long after arriving at the shelter, Rudy captured the heart of an older gentleman who helped get her the surgery she needed to fix her leg. This man became her companion and caregiver for six years before he passed and Rudy found herself back at the same shelter.

Rudy has had a long, full life, but it has not been without struggle. Despite her rough start at life, there isn’t a single ounce of distrust for the people in her life. Everyone who meets Rudy falls in love with her gentle temperament and need to be as close to her humans as she can get.

Shortly after arriving with Save Me the vet discovered Rudy had a ruptured ACL that would require surgery. Her journey was far from over, but her foster parents were up for the challenge.

Through Rudy’s stay, her foster parents have discovered that she loves to walk, she loves to explore the world around her. She dislikes being alone, and although she is crate trained she whines for some time before settling in to sleep.

Cats are a no-go for her. As a cattle-dog her prey drive is high, smaller animals in the home would not be a good fit for her. She is good with the male dogs in her current foster home, but she likes to dominate the female dog. Rudy would likely need to be the only dog or in a home with a male dog that has her same energy level. Rudy is easily corrected and listens to commands well. She knows her name and responds to it easily. Her ideal home would be one without small children as she has a natural instinct to herd.

She is almost completely house-trained. When she came to her foster home she would have a few accidents for long days or overnight, but she has made it through the night without incident. She will likely have accidents during the first little while as she adjusts to her new environment, but consistency and routine is the key.

Rudy can’t wait to meet you and settle in to her forever home!