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Ruby has been adopted!

Sponsored by Scrubbles (Pet Wash & Spaw).  In honour of Berta, a big bundle of Chocolate, who opened our world and hearts to rescue.


Female 4-5 month old female puppy – Ruby is a sweet gentle smart girl …all puppy! She is a Nordic (Northern Community) dog and the breed is tough to guess. She is currently 24lbs and our guess is that she will be in the 50lb range when she’s all grown up. Her coat feels like a double coat so grooming will be a medium effort.

She is the perfect age to learn new things and her training is going really well in just the few days shes been in rescue. She is socializing well with her foster fur-brother and sister and learning how to play with toys.
If you are looking for a puppy to add to your family that is already through many of the early stages and is well on her way to becoming an awesome adolescent, this is a rare occasion to adopt a 5 month old.

Ruby was lovingly fostered by Frances