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Roxie has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Sonia, Toby, Kallie and Pepper.


Hello! My name is Roxie and I am a beautiful little girl. The best guess is that I am a border collie mix. I have such pretty colours in my long fur. I weigh 41lbs so I am not a very big girl but I think I will gain a few more pounds now that I am in a good foster home and learning to eat regular meals.

At this time I am very afraid of the world around me. I have been in my foster home for just a week. Each day they see me coming out of my shell a bit more. They are being very patient with me and introducing me to new things so that I get used to my surroundings. Since I arrived I can feel good about leaving my bed and slowly coming to see the people in the house. I will not go near the stairs or any dark rooms and I am not fond of the ceramic flooring but I am getting better. I have shown them that I don’t like metal bowls because they have put a collar on my neck and it hits the metal bowl when I eat or drink. They gave me some plastic bowls now so I am eating and drinking more often. I like it when they sit beside me and put their hands on my back when I eat or drink. It makes me feel safe.

I am pretty good about doing my business outside if the people come with me and stand in a small corner of the yard. I have had a few accidents in the house though because it was raining outside and I could hear cars going passed the other side of the fence. I just wanted to hurry back in the house where I felt safe. Each day I go outside for a little bit longer with them and if I really have to go pee, I will whine so they know they should try me outside again.

There are three dogs and two cats in this house. I am not sure if I like them yet. I sometimes give them a bit of a growl if they get too close but I am just telling them that I am not ready to make friends yet. I am happy to go lay in my bed when they are running around. My foster parents don’t think that I am aggressive at all, I just like to warn everybody when I am scared. I’m sure I will be friends will all the other animals in the house very soon.

I do bark at people that I can see walking by the house or if a new person comes into the house but it doesn’t last too long. I am just letting people know I am here and I can see them. I don’t want to live in an apartment because i like to  bark and whine to let the humans know how I feel.

Everybody who has met me says that I am such a sweetheart. I just melt when I get a chin scratch or someone tells me a I am good girl.  I am quick to cuddle with anybody who sits down and I will be the most loyal of pets. I already come when called and I really like when they call me to come and be beside them.

Roxie was lovingly fostered by Angie