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Roxie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Goldie Erenberg with love from the Brodskys



Please say hello to Roxie! Roxie is a quiet girl that loves to just hang out with her humans. If you let her, she would hang out beside you on the couch all day. She is 11 years old, but she is unaware of that, so please do not tell her!! She is in great shape and does not look or act her age. She loves to go for walks with her humans. She will quietly sleep on the floor in her bed, which is beside her humans bed, all night. She asks to go outside to take care of business. She currently lives with dogs smaller and larger than she is and does very well. He food bowl is on the floor with all her foster brothers and sisters bowls and she does great. Roxie loves nothing more than to sit in front of you to be brushed. Roxie will let you brush her forever.

Roxie has a dental appointment scheduled but once she is done that she will be looking for a nice quiet retirement home to live out her senior years. Do you think you could provide her with the home she deserves?