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Rosko is adopted!

Rosko / Male / Corgi Mix / 6 Years old / 17 pounds/ Adoption Fee is $400.00

Rosko’s pull fee has been sponsored in loving memory of Bob Dickson. Who had a love for dogs.

Good Morning Canada!!!!!!!
It is Rosco the corgi mix here and I am looking for a new family. I can start by telling you all about myself and maybe we will be looking for the same things and I can start my new life with you. I will be honest, I have been thinking about you a lot lately and imagining all the fun family things we will do together.
Although I am 6 years old and missing many of my teeth, I am young at heart and enjoy long walks, playing with toys and racing around outside. I love walks the best, but am happy to do whatever foster mom wants to do.

I have very good house manners and go to the door to be let outside and put myself in my crate when foster mom tells me it is time. I do not mind my crate, it is cozy and foster mom gives me a special treat to enjoy in there.

Foster mom says I will make you laugh every day and have an infectious enthusiasm for life. She is right!! When people first meet me they comment on my funny ears. Sometimes they like to stick straight up ( like when foster mom is preparing my breakfast and I am excited), lots of times one is up and one is down ( like when I am enjoying myself on a nice walk) and sometimes when I am really relaxed and getting ready for a nap they both stick out to the side. I mentioned earlier that I do not have many teeth, lots of times my tongue sticks out the side of my mouth a little too. I could try and keep it inside, but foster mom says I am cute just the way I am.

I love all people and think dogs and cats are ok too! There is a cat in my foster home and most of the time we just ignore each other. I like other dogs that are calm like me, but puppies or energetic dogs make me feel a little bit grumpy. People are my favorite! I would like a family that would spend time with my whenever they can. I do not mind being alone while you work, but when you are not working I would want to spend lots of time with you. We could go for walks, watch Netflix, visit with your friends or just hang out around our house, I am not picky as long as I am with you.

I really hope you are reading this and I can meet you soon! Foster mom has been telling me that my future family will be very lucky to have me as their dog. I think I will be very lucky to have you as my family also.
Your friend

For more information on Rosko, please contact his foster mom Alissa at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!