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Rosie has been adopted! 



Rosie is a gorgeous little (9 pound) Chihuahua mix that is approximately 3 years old. She has been spayed, had a dental cleaning, tested for heartworm (is negative), was dewormed, received advantage and is vaccinated.

Rosie has very unique reddish fur that is short hair and long hair (both mixed in her coat) with 4 little white marks on each of her paws and at the tip of her tail.  She is from a high kill shelter in Ohio and came into the shelter with another dog. She did not cope very well in the shelter as she was nervous and stressed. Rosie as a cherry eye condition that flames up in her eyes when she is stressed (often only one eye). A full check up by a vet recommended that nothing be done for this consider as it is very small and goes away quickly once she adjusts to her environment.

Rosie is great with cats and is always eager to play with friendly dogs (no matter their size).   Be sure to check out the video of Rosie playing with another small Chihuahua we have in foster care. In fact, Rosie would enjoy having a playful doggie companion in her furever home, although a home with no doggie companion will work as well as long as her people are willing to play with her throughout the day as she LOVES to play.   A home with no small children (under 5 for Rosie as their activity level will make it hard for her to feel safe).

Rosie has a fear of men and may have been abused by one prior to her being rescued by Save Me. She does not growl or bite them; she simply runs to her person she feels comfortable with and stays by their side for protection. She will also ignore the male and just simply pretend they are not there in the room with her. The men in her current foster home are working with Rosie by talking to her, offering treats and being her play companion. Rosie has a LOVE for table scraps (especially meat) and she has started to realize that the men in her foster home have some tasty treats set aside just for her. She now jumps up on the couch beside them with a toy in her mouth looking to play and is also asking for cuddle time with them. Indeed, she has come a long way in the short time she has been in foster care.

Rosie is housetrained and will go to the door and whimper when she needs to go outside. She will play fetch with a ball, and loves her squeaky toys. She will entice you over to the couch with her tail wagging and eyes focused on you (as if to say, please come snuggle with me). She is a big cuddle bug and loves nothing more than to just ‘hang out’ on the couch with you after a little play session. Although she is a little shy, she is a happy girl that wags her tail constantly and connects with her family quickly.

Rosie prefers to know where her ‘person/people’ are at all times. She will happily follow them throughout the entire house with no complaints. During the day when her foster family is away from the home, Rosie goes into her crate with a few tasty treats and some toys to keep her occupied as being alone is a little bit stressful for Rosie, although she is not destructive and she won’t defecate or try to escape, she will bark a little bit with the hope that someone will come to her; therefore, she would benefit if her forever home had someone that was home part of the time. She would do fine in an apartment environment as long as the building is pet friendly and a little bit of barking is not a concern. **Update – Rosie understand her foster home’s routine and goes in her crate on her own waiting for those ‘special treats’ she gets when her family is leaving the house.

She seems to enjoy being outside and is excellent on a leash. She is always friendly in meeting other dogs on her walks. She follows her nose and will take time to sniff each tree; however, she responds to her name very well when it is time to move onwards during the walk.

Rosie has a big personality once she feels safe. She sooo loves her people and is always eager to play or snuggle with any of them. She has been with her foster home for a very short time and has settled very quickly. Her foster home has fallen in love with her little antics and knows that who every adopts Rosie will be one lucky family!

Rosie’s foster home cannot begin to imagine how terrible her life was before she was rescued by Save Me and because of this we want to ensure that Rosie gets exactly what she needs in her forever home. Rosie is looking for a family that is willing to give her some time to adjust to their routine, and space to feel comfortable and confident.



For more information on Rosie, please contact her foster mom Robin, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!


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