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Rosie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle who is a proud beagle mama to Audrey (formerly Delta) who was adopted through Save Me four beautiful years ago.



Rosie is a beautiful beagle puppy who could win anyone over with her warm amber eyes and sweet personality, not to mention her adorable head tilt. She is not a small beagle and will likely be over 25-30lbs fully grown.

This sweet girl takes a few minutes to warm up to new people but once she trusts you, you will have a friend for life. Rosie bonds quickly to people and likes to always have her family close by. Rosie will need a family that will work with her on building her confidence being alone so that she does not bark/howl when her people are not in sight.

Rosie is currently crated at night and when foster mom goes out, she gets upset when crated but is not destructive and does settle after about an hour and will sleep through the night, for this reason a detached home would be best for Rosie.

Rosie likes to learn and mastered “sit” in just two days and is currently learning to lie down on command. Her new family should be prepared to take her to training classes, this will help immensely with not just her socialization but also her bond with her new family. She would do best with a family who has the time to devote to proper training.

Rosie has had three sets of puppy vaccinations and will need to be spayed around 6 months of age. She is currently with a foster family with two young kids (seven and four) and has been excellent around them. She doesn’t nip although she does jump up and her nails are at little people face-height.

Rosie would be fine as an only dog or with another dog in the home who does not mind occasional puppy playfulness. Rosie has not met a cat but with some patience and careful introductions foster mom thinks she would do fine sharing her home with a cat because of her gentle timid nature.

Rosie is a typical puppy who is affectionate, playful and has short bursts of crazy puppy energy followed by a good nap. Rosie has fantastic recall and if she hears her name will stop whatever she is doing and come running.

Rosie loves all kinds of toys and is good at playing with her foster mom or by herself. She has access to many toys in her foster home and has not chewed anything that is not meant for her.

Rosie is extremely food motivated and will take food (hers or someone else’s) at every opportunity. Her new family will need to set her up for success by keeping food items out of reach and keeping a close eye on her when food is around.

Rosie’s house training is going well, her preference is to go outside and foster mom has been taking her out every couple of hours. She still has accidents inside but foster mom thinks she is about half way there. Rosie will make a wonderful addition to a family that has the time and patience to work on her socialization and training as she settles into her new life. She is an extremely loving puppy and with some work will grow into an affectionate and loyal companion.

Rosie was lovingly fostered by Lindsay