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Rosemary has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Sierra, whose star will continue to shine brightly long after she is gone.



Rosemary’s sweet face and beautiful eyes are just some of her great features. Her eyes seem to beg you to love her. Rosemary is a dog that is not too big but not small either. She has some muscle as well.

There are so many great things to say about this sweet girl. She loves to cuddle with you whether you are laying down to watch TV or read a book. She has energy but seems to be able to read the room and control it when she is in the house. If you are calm, she tends to be calm. She will lay down when given the command (she is one smart cookie). She also knows sit, understands the “no” and “come” command. She is a bit fearful of people so the “come” command means lay down so I can come to you.

Rosemary isn’t a big barker but does have a voice. While she doesn’t bark a lot, the odd time she will bark at her reflection in the glass which give everyone a bit of a scare!

As mentioned, Rosemary has fear of new people and is also scared in new environments. In the two weeks, her foster family has had her, they have seen a big difference in her confidence level. They have gone slow with her and are gaining her trust each day. Her future family, will need to continue to increase her confidence and be patient with her.

She is not houstrained yet as being outside is a bit scary for her. She looks to her people for reassurance and will go outside with her people. Some play time outside makes her not so afraid to be outside. After 15-20 minutes she will settle down enough to do her business outside. She is a bit shy when doing her business (but really, who wants an audience) and will go in the corner or behind things outside.

Rosemary is medium to high energy and does like to run. She likes to stay close to her people though. We don’t think she was walked too much before arriving in to our care. Currently she walks around you in circles until she has you nice and wrapped in the leash. She then sits and waits for you to pet her. With more confidence, she will love to go for walks.

It appears Rosemary hasn’t had the easiest start to life but Rosemary is a diamond in the rough. She just needs someone with patience and someone willing to show her this world is not so scary and she no longer needs to fear getting into trouble. With this, along with training, she will adjust to her new life as a beloved pet. She has just learned she can stand still and eat. She used to run past the food bowl and try to steal a piece of kibble then hide to eat. She was wearing off the calories faster than she could consume them.

Her ideal home would be one with no young children (ideally a home with no children or those over the age of 8), detached home and one with a very secure backyard for her to safely explore and let off some steam by running (she is quick!). She also needs to be let outside often at this stage. Due to her fear, she is a flight risk and need to be supervised outside at all times. We are sure after gaining some confidence she will find her voice so a condo/apartment is not ideal. A family that allows her on furniture is preferred. She has a favourite chair and is happy to lay down and rest with her family around her.

Rosemary enjoys the company of other dogs and cats. She seems to really want to play with the dogs and cats in her foster home but they are not as keen on this idea as she is. A well balanced dog in her forever home would be ideal to help teach Rosemary the ropes and make her feel comfortable.

While Rosemary may not have had the best start to life, this has not diminished her loving nature. She is a wonderful dog that really wants to please. She is adorable and cute as a button. An experienced adopter with the time, energy, patience and knowledge to gain her trust and increase her confidence will be rewarded with a beautiful and loyal dog. Rosemary is just waiting for the right person/family that will show her love and be with her forever and ever.

Rosemary was lovingly fostered by Angie