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Roscoe has been adopted!

Roscoe’s pull fee was sponsored by Carolyn U in loving memory of her lab Cali.


Roscoe- The Big Bear. He is an 85lb lab mix approximately 7yrs old. Roscoe is one of those great dogs that just goes with the flow. He likes everyone. He gets along with all the other dogs, big and small. He met the cat, gave her a sniff, and ambled on his way. He was an owner surrender because poor Roscoe had heartworm. Well, he was treated for that and is more than ready to find his forever home. He is healthy and loving every minute of it.

He really is energetic, fun dog. He could play fetch for 24hrs a day. He carries his ball around with him wherever he goes just in case you say yes. Sometimes at night, I can hear his ball make squeaking noises. We now know it’s because he likes to tuck it under his blanket when he sleeps at night. Doesn’t get any cuter than that!

Our yard is fenced but he seems to have very good recall. He just wants to be with people. He loves for going out for walk in the evening and always wants more. He would love a family that would take him on long walks or hikes. His leash manners aren’t great but he is learning to not to pull and to stay on one side. He pulls a bit and really just wanted to mark the neighbourhood but we’ll keep working on that. He really likes to please us and follows direction well.

I would say that he is still a moderate energy dog. He does not want to lay around and retire yet.

He has had no accidents in the house since his initial arrival, which is to be expected. We are learning that if he starts getting anxious it usually means he wants us to let him outside. He seems to prefer a short walk to get his bowels moving so we usually walk him down the sidewalk a bit or run him in the backyard until he does his business. He can stay home alone without issue so I have not crated him. He is staying in the mudroom when we are out of the house. He lies on his bed and snoozes most of the day. He is not much of a barker. We only hear him once in awhile and usually it’s because my dogs are barking at something. He likes to be part of the pack.

He knows his commands and listens very well. I am very grateful for that since he is so large. If he didn’t want to listen, I would be in trouble. He knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’ ‘down’ ‘go’ and ‘come’

Roscoe would a great a family dog. I would choose a home with older kids though just because of his size. That tail is a weapon! He is very loyal and will once you call him yours, he will never let you down. If you are looking for a pal to greet you at the door with big slobbery kisses and a paw to shake, Roscoe’s could be your gentle giant.