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Roscoe has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Tait family in loving memory of their dad/grandpa who loved his grand dogs very much



True to the beagle breed, Roscoe will be his forever family’s most loyal friend! Roscoe is an easy going and laid-back boy with soulful beagle eyes. He will give you a big smile when you cradle him like a baby…he loves it! He also has cuddling down pat!

Roscoe two favourite things are meal and lounge time. He does a wonderful song and dance all to way to his spot for meals. He has found many great spots to lounge in his foster home including the deck, one of three dog beds (he likes to rotate) and he recently figured out how comfortable the couch is for a snooze!

Roscoe is crated when left alone. His curiosity gets the best of him sometimes. Roscoe has some cat and dog friends (of his size and larger) that he does well with but sometimes he forgets his manners around his peers during mealtime and when chewing on a toy (separate feeding and chewing spaces work well for Roscoe). He would do well as an only dog or with another patient dog to help him learn some better doggie boundaries and manners. Roscoe has not been around children yet in his foster home.

Roscoe is looking for a home with a fenced in backyard as he loves hanging out in the yard with his friends on a nice day. Roscoe maybe 10 years old but he still has some good energy for a senior boy. Roscoe enjoys his walks, but his family will need to work a bit on his leash skills as he is a bit here and there on walks. Stairs seem to be newer to Roscoe but with a promise of a treat, he will do them (he might just have his foster mom trained!).

Roscoe has not been too vocal so far in his foster home. He will bark here and there but that is usually because his foster siblings start barking at something. He has a soft and husky bark that is very cute. Roscoe also has the cutest little wiggle butt!

Roscoe has settled quickly into his foster home and although the start of his life may not have been the greatest, it is only the best for him from now on! He has taken his journey so far all in stride and we can’t wait to find him is perfect furever family!



Roscoe was lovingly fostered by Dione