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Roscoe has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Bronte



Introducing Roscoe, Approx. 4 yrs old, Beagle Cross.

Roscoe arrived here in Ontario from Ohio very recently. He is the dog that did not shine in the shelter but given the opportunity to come to Canada and live in a foster home, he has really shone, ready for graduation day, his very own family.

In the short time that he has been with us, he has shown us that he knows a thing about being a family dog. He knows to ask to go out and for the most part is very good having had only one accident so far. Has a great appetite and loves his walks followed by naps in the sun or by the fireplace. Walking very well on leash with a harness; knowing basic commands like Sit, Lay Down and learning to Wait, Stay and Come. Crate trained you ask? Yes overnight at this point. He does very well in his crate overnight but does need a few minutes to settle with some barking that lasts about 5 mins. Leaving him alone for any length of time during the day is a work in progress; he gets quite attached to his people. He is incredibly smart, figured out that booties protect his feet when out on walks, standing patiently while we get ready for outdoor adventures. He is not phased easily and is curious about pretty much everything he sees. Don’t let his small size fool you, he has a big dog bark. He is very quiet throughout the day, but does let you know when he is concerned. Treats, he loves treats and is very gentle about taking them from the hand, having not shown any resource guarding.

Important to know:

He still needs to be reminded that down on all 4 feet is where he needs to stay but that is improving daily. Food, did we say food? He would be all over food but setting healthy boundaries around food is important for him. He went from surfing the counters to see what was being prepared for dinner to waiting at a bit of a distance to see if he will be invited to join in. A frozen kong treat goes a long way to helping him succeed in this department. Before his arrival in Ontario, he was considered a flight risk, this is a work in progress. Learning that the door opening is not an invitation to go through it. Recall is a work in progress as well, better indoors than outdoors. He is not a fan of car rides, he does get anxious. A leash and harness on him initially will help him with all these quirks. Toys, he loves toys, but stuffed toys are made short work of as are softer rubber toys. We believe that with lots of love, support and consistent training Roscoe will become more confident and be a truly awesome member of your family.

We think Roscoe will do very well in a home with children over 10 yrs old. His ideal home is one that will continue the training we started in his foster home, setting him up for the best success. Lots of walks, he is happiest when he has had his walks and so far, seems happy to have his foster family at home. Will he be okay alone while you go to work is a question we cannot answer as he is still learning what the house rules are and trusting that we will come back when we do have to go out. We do not yet know how he will be with other dogs or cats. He would be great in a home with or without a fence but recommend supervision in the yard to make sure he doesn’t find a way to escape.

Roscoe was lovingly fostered by Debbie