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Rookie has been adopted!

Sponsored by David, Scott and Peanut, in memory of our amazing Stains



Rookie is a sweet little guy looking for his forever home. When he was first found it was evident that he had difficulty trying to eat and swallow. One of the vets that Save Me works with, took Rookie under her wing and after her initial work up, he went to a specialist where it was found that he had suffered trauma to his throat, which may have been from abuse or being hit by a car. Rookie underwent surgery (Cricopharyngeal myotomy and partial thyropharyngeal myotomy) to correct the issue and has been doing well since. However, due to the injury and subsequent surgery, Rookie will always have to eat soft, watered down food and it is best to have smaller, more frequent meals fed out of a slow feeder bowl.

Due to Rookie’s eating restrictions, it may be best that he go to a home with no small children, who may, without knowing, feed him food that could make him choke.

Rookie currently lives with dogs his size and a little bigger and does well. Rookie is caged during the day, but only so that he does not get into his foster brothers and sisters kibble. He is in a large crate so that he can eat, drink, and play when his foster parents are not home. Rookie travels in a car well. Rookie should NEVER wear a collar or a harness that goes around his neck, due to the sensitivity of his past injuries.

Once Rookie gets to know you and trusts you, he is a sweet little guy who loves to be hugged and to snuggle. Rookie is not a fan of the cold weather, so you have to “persuade” him to go outside. Because of this, Rookie has had a couple accidents in his foster parents home.


Rookie was lovingly fostered by Carey