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Roo has been adopted!

Roo has been sponsored by Erin B, Snoopy & Ruby in memory of their fur sister Teagan​


Meet Roo!
This girl has an endless amount of energy and LOVES watching the birds, bunnies and squirrels from the front window. True to her breed, she’ll try and “herd” her people by nipping lightly at their ankles. Her foster parents have been working on this with her and she’s getting much better!
One of Roo’s favourite things to do is go on walks and adventures with her people. She’s very dog and people social and is always wagging her beautiful tail.
She does great in her crate while her foster parents are at work during the day and she is pretty much house trained, but still has the occasional accident. Her energy level is on the higher side, but she knows when its time to settle down and cuddle up to watch tv or go to her crate to sleep. She loves to roll over on her back, so that you can rub her belly (this is her favorite).
She is so full of love and has been a joy to have in the house.
Roo was fostered and adopted by Nicole