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Roman has been adopted!

Sponsored to wish Samara York the happiest 25th birthday  from the Brodskys


Roman is a sweet guy with a most gentle personality. This guy has adorable the eyes, under-bite, and fur of a pug (though doesn’t shed like a pug!), with the build of a dachshund.

He’s a very needy guy who prefers to be around his people as much as possible. He boarders on separation anxiety and will need a home that can help continue to build his self confidence and push him to be independent. He also tends to get into things that belong to his favourite person when they are not around, like pulling clothes out of the closet or a sweater off the back of a chair, likely for the comfort. he’s mischievous! For that reason, he is crated while is foster parents are at work. He does bark when left alone, but will eventually settle. He is therefor not eligible for apartment or townhouse living. He would do best with someone home most of the time, this would be far easier on his personality.

Roman grew up in a hoarding home, so he is used to having other animals around. He appears to be house trained, we’ve had no accidents in the house so far. He is nervous that you will leave him when outside, so a nice slow walk with him to allow him time to do his business is important. He doesn’t appear to have a lot of experience on a leash, but since he wants to be near to you at all time, he’s very well behaved on walks.

He loves to snuggle in close with his people and makes a great companion. He does have a needy personality, so would not be great for someone looking for an independent dog. Roman is always underfoot, always wanting to see what you’re up to and hates to be left behind. He truly wants to love you and be loved.

Roman would be good with kids, as he is gentle and they would likely help to keep him occupied as well since he’s young at heart. Kids would need to be a little on the older side so as to play with him appropriately; they will need to be mindful his longer doxie body to avoid injury.


Roman was lovingly fostered by Colleen